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They're raving about NOVELIST'S BOOT CAMP!

“Witty and worthwhile, Todd Stone’s Novelists’ Boot Camp workshop is a rare workshop that addresses all levels of writers, from beginners to multi- published—and in a fun and exciting manner. It has hands-on practicality but also allows for a high level of customization that addresses each writer’s need and voice. So put on your Big Girl (or Boy) Kilt…and go!”
    Linnea Sinclair, RITA® Award Winning author of the Dock Five Universe books (www.linneasinclair.com)

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"For anyone who ever thought they might like to write a book, for those of us who have already written several, NOVELIST'S BOOT CAMP will kick start your into your computer chair and keep you there until you finish your manuscript"
     Denise Swanson, bestselling author of the Scumble River mystery series

"Novelist's Boot Camp is the ONE workshop you MUST DO! I earned my dog tags in it in 2006,and it's full of stuff you can really use. Todd tells it like it is, and for both aspiring writers and multi-published authors, this is the best use of your workshop time. Forward march yourself into this workshop right now!"
    Elizabeth Sinclair, author of "Baptism In Fire" (Silhouette Intimate Moments) and "Eye of the Dream" (Medallion).  

Download the Novelist's Boot Camp Table of Contents and two Drills here!

“Todd has such energy and a terrific ability to connect subject matter with audience. A writer cannot sit five minutes in one of his presentations and not realize that here’s someone who informs, who teaches, and who broadens one’s understanding of the craft.
     Novelist's Boot Camp is something special, a way for new—and established—writers to find a fresh approach to the work of getting a story out of one’s brain and onto paper.”
      Lindsay Longford, RITA-winning, bestselling author of 17 books

“If you are serious about being published then get Novelist’s Boot Camp now!” 
     Melody Thomas, author of “Angel in My Bed” (Avon/Harper Collins) and “A Match Made in Scotland ” (Avon/Harper Collins)

“I attended the workshop based on Todd Stone's "Novelist's Boot Camp" and was impressed by the quality, scope and clarity of the information it contained.  I frequently speak at local and regional writing events and I'm often asked what advice I'd give an aspiring author.  My answer?  'Novelist's Boot Camp.”  It is THE must-have resource for new authors.”
     Kelle Z. Riley, 2005 Golden Heart Finalist--Beauty and the Billionaire, author of “Dangerous Affairs,” (Echelon Press).

“I was in the middle of deadline hell. One book with a ton of revision and in the middle of that I received galleys for another book from a different publisher…I went through the index to find something to fit my particular problem. By the time I got thorough Drill 72, Find the Devil in the details and headed on to Drill 73 Go to time and a half.  I was no longer worried about having to work on both books at the same time. I am grateful for NOVELIST'S BOOT CAMP for inspiring me with what was needed to do a task I thought was next to impossible.”
       Dyanne Davis, author of “The Color of Trouble,” “The Wedding Gown,” “Misty Blue,” and “Let’s Get It On,” (Genesis Press).

 “I have very often been terribly conflicted as to what scenes to include and what to disregard as unimportant in my writing. I was having a hard time with a gap of, well, time in my novel and it wasn’t until after talking to Todd Stone, author of NOVELIST’S BOOT CAMP, that my problems became clear. And more important, easily resolved!!
     Todd’s no-nonsense, easy to follow and clear directives about writing helped when my creativity got away from my common sense. The ability to look at something from such a completely different aspect was interesting, informative and fun. 
     After learning a few tips from Todd Stone’s NOVELIST’S BOOT CAMP I had my orders and I was able to complete my mission, or in my case, my novel!!”      
     Barbara M. Harrison, author of “Feel My Heart,” (Aspen Mountain Press, October ’06).


Todd A. Stone
 a.k.a T.A. Stone

an Examiner.com
"Top 10 Book of 2008"

No More Hurry up
and wait!
  Novelist's Boot Camp is now available at Barnes & Noble or on the Amazon website.  Move out and get your writing squared away today!

Download the Novelist's Boot Camp Table of Contents and two Drills here!

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